Guitar Amp Mods

I’m often asked if I do Guitar Amp Modifications on personal equipment.

I do and here’s a list of some sample services and mods that are often requested.

First off, you are responsible for shipping costs both ways.

  • Basic Run Through of Amp is $99 including parts (except tubes, transformers, multisection caps)
    • Test health/reform multisection can capacitor
    • Replace all wax paper capacitors
    • Check health of all coupling/tone caps replace as needed
    • Replace out of spec resistors
    • Adjust bias voltages as needed
    • Scope waveforms and correct unusual distortion problems.
    • Measure power output into 8 ohms just before clipping
    • 1 – ¼” Microphone Jack installed
    • 1 – ¼” Speaker Jack installed with safety load resistor
    • Specialty or boutique caps are available at extra charge
  • Other mods / services
    • Pentode/Triode (or Heptode/Triode) Switch – $20 Includes materials & installation
    • Meter & Bias Mod – $65
      • Includes Meter, 2-Pots, Resistors, Wiring, Switch
      • Allows adjusting Bias of each output tube to ensure even unmatched tubes are sharing current properly.
    • Convert 7868 to 7591 or vice versa – $35 (includes sockets)
    • Each additional 1/4″ input or speaker jack $9
    • New manufacture tubes are available for purchase at market prices.
    • Many NOS, Speciality, & Boutique tubes are available inquire about availability and pricing.


Other items as requested can be done as well…