Items for Sale

GE 6550A NOSNew old stock in original GE Boxes. Factory or Distributor Matched! A nice early 1970s tube that will outperform any current production 6550 made. An excellent 6550 that is beginning to vanish as the Tung Sol tubes soar in price. Better stock up. Matched Pairs are $250 per Matched Pair.

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Pictures & Details to be posted someday (smile).

Chokes – Many vintage potted chokes

Output Transformers – Many vintage American Outputs SE & PP

Tubes – Many tubes, NOS & used email me.

NOS pair of GE 2A3 Single Plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Power Transformers – Some VERY large and High Voltage, Potted & Open Frame.

Vintage Capacitors – Multisection

Vintage Capacitors – Paper in Oil, Hermetically Sealed

NOS Carbon Comp Resistors

Email me for more info cliff at